May 19, 2005

scratch that Mercury Rev order with -- i won the damn album online!!! :P imagine my surprise this morning when i opened my mailbox and an email informed me i'd won the uk limited edition cd/book and two singles. i changed the order around this afternoon. i'm still getting some cool cd's, though. winning the album opened things up so i could dig deeper into new and interesting music. i'm very happy about that.

gearing up for the Star Wars extravaganza this weekend. i thought i'd see it with my work partner but he's right in the middle of his two-week vacation. the ex has only seen Episode I. today i got the risky idea of watching all four films (no Ep I) with the ex starting friday and ending sunday evening, then we'd be able to go see Episode III at the theater sunday night (you can't go see that film without knowing the full emotional baggage that comes with it (i'm expecting a few emotional moments on my part)). hopefully she won't get too numbed by the crash course. she actually agreed to this. this should be grand. i left a message tonight on my partner's machine to ask if he and his girlfriend would like to join us sunday night. they usually go see movies in the afternoon and they're on vacation so i'm not expecting a yes but it'd be really cool if they would.

a friend from work should be getting out of the theater as i'm writing this. he left work early tonight so he could catch the midnight showing. (btw, why the fuck did they release this on a thursday??? why not a wednesday, or friday, like everyone else?)

1:16 pm

i got my Star Wars tickets for sunday night :)
and when i came back i had a message from my work partner and they were interested in my little offer. but they thought it was for saturday night or afternoon. i left them a message detailing our tight Star Wars Schedule. hopefully they'll still want to, and be able to, sunday night.

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