May 31, 2005

since i don't have anything to post Mary just conveniently gave us a Monday Madness challenge.

This week, I'm asking you to choose a letter of the alphabet. Now, list the ten items below that begin with the letter you chose....

A family member: Andre
A movie: As Tears Go By, by Wong Kar-Wai
A game: Agassi Tennis Generation (PS2) (you wanted a game. never said anything about ever having played it.)
An automobile: Audi
Fictional character: Alabama, from True Romance
A famous person: Alexander the Great
A food: Artichoke
A household item: -
A book: American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis
A song: As Heaven Is Wide, by Garbage

btw, it's weird but i can't find an album to play that i agree with this morning. oh well.

btw, yesterday, in the mail, i got a couple of Zip discs and that was it.
seeing as i'm obsessive about getting stuff through the mail, and am waiting for a couple of things, i always stop by the mailbox on my way back home after work (i work evenings). i always check but come up empty. well, last night was different as the Doinel Box Set was waiting for me!!! i guess the mailman forgot to put the keys to the lock box and came back. yay. surprise gifts rule!

two quietly fascinating online diaries i recently discovered:
Billy Corgan and Kevin Smith.

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