June 12, 2005

another crummy, sticky, hot summer day. the heatwave should get the hell out by wednesday. at least, that's if it doesn't get delayed another day or two when we actually get there. cool down, summer, cool the fuck down. (why can't it rain?) my little 5,000 btu A/C is doing its best (along with the help of three fans) but it comes this close to losing its edge every day. at least my bedroom's nice and cool. that's at least something. i don't know how folks without A/C deal with this kind of heat. especially when they're trying to sleep at night.

been very lazy. actually sitting down in the living (in my boxers and a t-shirt because i'm affording myself a seriously lazy afternoon) and actually listening to an entire album (the books - LOST AND SAFE. really good. but you can't listen to this with anyone else, which is a shame, really, because since i've had Really Cute Lab Girl on my mind i thought this would be great music to share with someone special. but it can't be done. but i'm really enjoying the album nonetheless. i shall now wishlist their previous works - for future reference only, though. i'm keeping a short leash on my money right now). oh, the ex stopped by and we agreed to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight in an air-conditioned theater tonight. yay! :)

5:13 PM

it's confirmed -- we're going at 7 :)

i've been simultaneously sadly watching lions taking down young elephants on Be the Creature on the CBC and a repeat of Canada's Walk of Fame (George Chuvalo rocks!) from last week on CTV. right now i'm taping the Walk of Fame thing because it's Kiefer's time. and Daniel Lanois should also be up soon.

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