June 01, 2005

Canada's own Natalie Glebova has been named Miss Universe 2005 !
i don't follow these things but thought it was cool that a Canadian won Miss Universe.
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even i'm starting to foam at the mouth -- Brad Pitt and Gael García Bernal in Alejandro González Iñárritu's Babel.

speaking of Gael, i just looked into his upcoming projects and he has some damn interesting stuff coming up. amongst other things, he's got Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep (with Emma de Caunes, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Alain Chabat) and he'll reteam with Diego Luna for Carlos Cuarón's Toto (yes, that is Alfonso Cuarón's brother :)

oh, holy shi... Roseanne - The Complete First Season is coming to dvd !!!! (this might not be new news but it is to me :) great news. i loved that show. loved it! (the pot episode is a classic.) i lost my father around the last couple of years of the show, and i always had great affection for John Goodman and Dan Connor because of their similarities with my father. that very last episode killed me. i love this show. whew!! i never thought i'd want to buy any sitcom on dvd ... but this might be it :)

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