June 25, 2005

good morning, all. i'm still discovering the joys of high speed internet. loving it. so last night the roommate and his girlfriend left me to enjoy the wonders of Bell ExpressVu. a gazillion channels. of course a lot of them are local versions of the big networks, but it's still fun to see new stuff. and i don't have snow in my tv no more! :) oh, the joy. you can't tape a show and watch another channel at the same time, though (if you know how to do this then do get in touch with me), but i found that i'll be able to tape my weeknight shows around midnight anyway when they air in western Canada so the roommate won't have to sit through them every evening. yay. one problem solved. i don't have TLC, though. that's a channel i could switch to whenever nothing else was on. this fall we'll see if i miss it enough to order it for myself (a $12 package should do it). we'll see. so i've come down my cloud about the wonders of satellite tv but i'm still happy because it's half the price i was paying for a bit less channels before.

today the heat is gonna be turned way up on us. around 38C is gonna felt. thank god the ex-roommate had the brilliant idea to go over to my mom's house and lounge around her pool while they're away. yay. gonna enjoy that one. so, on that note - have a great day and enjoy yourselves. and let me know what your plans are for today. ciao! :)

5:51 PM

ah............... [ stretches arms behind head ] .................. summer sure is an entirely different affair when you have all-day access to a pool :) birds were singing, the breeze was blowing, small boats were running up and down on the nearby lake. ah... i love my mom's house when she's away :) so yeah, the ex-roommate and i spent the entire -i said !!ENTIRE!!- afternoon lazying it up around the pool. i believe i got a small sunburn. we'll see the damage later on tonight. got home to find the roommate left. he rearranged his computer desk because he was getting interference but forgot to/did not plug the rooter so i can access the internet. can't find the power cord. oh well. after a minutes of fuming i realized i could just plug directly into the modem. yay! on my way back from my mom's i stopped at Future Shop and treated myself with FAT JOE's ALL OR NOTHING (re: Timbaland). i have no idea if or when the roommate's coming back tonight. i think i'll finally pop in a dvd. it's been a while since i've done it because of the move and it's been sunny and hot out during the day. have a good evening.

8:32 PM

ps. Kathie's right -- this must be the funniest, and most brilliant, thing i've seen on Tom Cruise in the wake of the Katie/Scientology/Engagement/War of the Worlds all-media frenzy.

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