June 30, 2005

Google Earth is the most addictive fun i've had online in months!
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i'm still trying to find my city, though. here we go :) i'll post the coordinates when i get details. send me yours if you want to :) shit, there's a point where you can't zoom in anymore. i thought you could all see my red Volks, but no. okay. try to find 45 24'44.62"N 71 55'51.66"W. that big blurry glob? yeah, that's me :) where i'm at. browse the city, look for the parks, the hospitals, the mall, everything. hopefully they get more detailed views in coming weeks. [ yes! - "We offer high resolution imagery (greater than 1-meter) for thousands of cities and more are on the way." and Canada is one of their initial project countries. ]

Spain legalizes same-sex marriage! this has suddenly turned into one unexpectedly heartwarming week.

since i'm into MP3s now, i check out MP3 blog links. here's a Rilo Kiley show from June 18, 2005.
[ what?? both Wilco and My Morning Jacket were in Montreal tuesday night?? shit. audio's available for both shows. ]
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oh god, someone actually put Erica Eleniak as a favorite actress. (it's a guy.)
yes folks, as you can see, we're finally gearing up to Big Brother 6!! :P extra points to Michael for putting Crystal Method as one of his two favorite bands. boo to Kaysar for not liking anything - way to commit, dude. Janelle gets points for mentioning three old films as her favorites. and also to Ivette for putting the Neptunes on her list. and yes, i will judge you, reality tv star wannabes, on your favorite films, actors, and bands :) now let's see how they act in real life.
Big Brother starts July 7.

hey, today would also have been my father's birthday. he would've been... now, let's see -- 60 !! wow. ha. Happy Birthday, Dad :)

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