June 05, 2005

hello. back from our dinner with our coworker who's leaving us monday (for another department at our second hospital). she's been with us for years (came to the hospital a year after i did, i think) and has been a great friend. so we thought we'd surprise her with a nice dinner and drinks. everything went well (even heard this one girl/coworker telling another i looked cute :P caught her but wasn't sure about what she'd said so i asked her but she wouldn't repeat it, just smiled and retreated) but a lot of us were spent from the amazingly hot summer day we were treated with today (i went out biking with the ex-roommate and it was tremendous. hot, but really cool). i got back home, ate mcdonald's (shouldn't have), and dozed off. oh, i also left my car at my mom's house so her boyfriend could wash it and wax it. it looks stunning now :) Future Roommate was at the dinner with new girlfriend Cute Girl. she takes up a lot of space. and they informed me she would be here tomorrow morning with Future Roommate to help clean up the rugs. ugh. i hope this is not where it's going. i'll want to get an evening off -alone- with Future Roommate once he moves in just so we can finally settle into this thing. i'm not moving in with Future and Cute Girl here. she's really nice and i like her a lot but i wanna make that clear. that's it. i should be off to bed soon as they're gonna wake me up at 9 tomorrow morning :)

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