June 03, 2005

hey... nothing major to update you about. today's was a weird day. even though i only got to bed at 3 this morning (not that late considering i get home from work at about 1:20), i actually slept all the way through to 1 pm !!!!! it's been ages since i last did this. i even woke up with a headache this morning but somehow managed to quickly fall back asleep. i woke up, thought it was the usual 10-11 am only to see that it was atcually 1 in the afternoon. holy fuck. i had errands i'd put off for a few days to do. so i got up, got dressed and immediately did all of them. happy to report i got everything i wanted (food and music). here's the music part (for those interested):


both were cheap enough and i was glad to just find them (most importantly the Maxïmo Limited Edition).

just got back from work. ended up following the ex who was coming back from a party with her roommates. followed them home and talked on the porch for half an hour with just the ex. it was nice. oh, at work, my crush just got more damn amazing today. (girls - summer just fits you.) god. as far as i know she's got a boyfriend, though, so we'll just leave it at the staring at each other from time to time phase. which is fun enough anyway for now:) and i learned tonight that saturday i'll be riding bikes with the ex-roommate. yay. while my mom's boyfriend washes and waxes my car (he's the one who insisted i could take their car to the ex-roommate while they did this; i wanted to at least stay and help a little). i guess today was a good day :)

on that note - good night, all.

10:20 AM

Future Shop will let you leave with Coldplay's X & Y and The White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan for a measly $20 next week tuesday (June 7). (that was just the most interesting match - check out the link for more options.)

Daniel Lanois will have a new album out next week. i had no fucking clue. and i'm the one walking around with one of his t-shirts on every week. there was absolutely no buzz on this album but it sounds damned interesting -- 'an instrumental record that captures the often tense emotional dynamics of Eno’s pioneering albums. Anchored by Lanois’ emotive pedal-steel guitar'. i'm such a fan of his pedal-steel guitar playing. i'm there.

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