June 11, 2005

home from work again. seems i can't ever go straight to bed. aw, well. this week was a strange one for me. i've talked about the various crushes and flirting going on with me at work. i talk about them because i've never been used to it, never been used to having such direct attention given to me by a stranger. especially not recurring attention from particular girls. this is relatively new territory for me. so please don't take the following as idiotic bragging. it is not. i am simply constantly surprised and taken aback by this new activity in my life. i am a romantic. this is an unashamedly gushing description of events. warning -- do not read if you don't wanna hear about stupid crushes. there. done.

and the story goes...

so i've got this one crush/flirting going on with Lab Girl. that one's been going on for a few months now. it doesn't feel like it but i guess time flies and it might've started last fall. i overheard her talk about a boyfriend this year so i've been happy just exchanging glances. the second girl i noticed a while back but she seemed shy. i also overheard her talking about her boyfriend (no, i'm not stalking these girls. lol :) you hear a lot of people talk when you work at a big hospital). this was a couple of months ago. two weeks ago i run into her and she beams a smile, says hi, and moves on. that day i managed to run into her a couple more times and made it a point to say hi with the nicest smile :) that seemed to work. my partner told me that she even looked back at me and smiled while we were walking behind them after dinner. now, the third girl. (i'm not running a harem or trying to build up a resume or nothing. i'm just laying these out so you can follow.) she came into the picture about a month ago. maybe two months. anyway. i noticed her because she was a new lab girl (yeah, working with the original Lab Girl) and was amazingly cute. not model-like, there was just something about her. my work partner agreed. but that was that. i was busy exchanging glances with Lab Girl and being happy with that. now, i don't remember the first time we came in contact but i'll tell you about the one i remember most vividly. this week -i guess this was two days ago- we ran across the lab girls as they ended their shifts. my work partner and i were walking along this corridor when three lab girls come into it ahead of us, coming our way. i immediately notice Very Cute Lab Girl (the new one) on the right. i wait until we are closer to meeting them before looking at her. when i do i notice that she is looking straight at me. she then flashes one of the most beautiful smiles i've even seen flashed at me. of course i smiled back. it's all so seamless. inside, i am dumbfounded, though. i let them get further along before asking the partner if he saw it. i turn to him and he's looking at me with the most bewildered, knowing smile i've seen from him. lol. he saw it. (short history on the work partner - he's my age, happily married to his seven-year girlfriend for one full year.) and he is impressed. he's been with me from the beginning on this new adventure. there's something about her face. she just beams. not in a happy-giddy way, there's just a glow lying underneath. but when she smiles. especially when it's directed at you. man, i was in heaven :P sorry. i'm gushing - a bit. but it was exciting!! this girl, this girl whom i'd noticed weeks ago out of a room full of people, was directing attention at me. it was strange. so i've been trying to look at her whenever we cross paths for the past two days. we mostly run across each other once at dinner and once during our break. my partner told me she looked at me last night during our break. she came into the cafeteria and i looked at her when she was close by but she didn't look at me. the partner told me she looked at me, shyly, and flashed a smile, though. i'd just stopped looking at her when that happened.. tonight i made it a point to look at her when she left her table. (quick sidenote - the first time i thought i noticed her 'flirting' with me was when she passed our table, never looked up but had that half-smile on her face as she was passing us by. i felt it was directed at me.) i looked at her and looked at her but nothing. i was just about to stop it when she looked up, shiftily caught my eye and looked down again. but she looked up again as she realized i was looking at her. our eyes locked and we smiled at each other. it was such a knowing smile/moment. aw, god. for a couple of seconds i was actually transported somewhere else, fully in the moment :P as i was coming down my high i looked at my partner (so far he's the only one who knows about this one) and giddily smiled back at him :P that's where i left it for tonight, for this week. i didn't wanna push it anymore. we'll see how it goes next time. i'm in no hurry. and this is satisfying me for now. i must admit i'm a bit scared and weary of starting a new relationship right now. this one, though, as much as i know nothing about her, is definitely making my head spin a little :)

sorry to purge this onto you, but i had to share it, or at the very least, think it out loud one more time (the work partner has been a wonderful sounding board for these adventures :) thank you all and have a good night.

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