June 17, 2005

i will take a short break from posting about New Lab Girl. things are still happening and not-happening on that front but because of this week's confusion, i've cooled down a bit and am slowing myself down when it comes to pursuing her. she hasn't been as enthusiastic this past week (i was able to get two smiles last night, though :) maybe she's had a couple of bad days. or maybe she just backed off. one possible reason (the one i'm hoping for) - if she does have a child, and is interested in me, she could be telling herself that no one wants to get involved with a girl with a kid. i'd love to be able to tell her how i feel about that. she sees i'm still interested but may be telling herself i don't know about the kid and that's scaring her. of course that was the most positive spin i could find. first, hopefully she's interested; second, hopefully she doesn't draw back completely and i can get to talk to her at some point. we'll see where it goes but i'm in no hurry anymore. it's up to her (even if i don't know how to let her know that -- any thoughts?). i'll be on stand-by for a bit. because if she's interested, i'm definitely open to seeing if we can work something together. she's the one i'm interested in. i see other girls who seem at the very least intrigued but i wouldn't have any problem holding off flirting too much them if i see there's a real possibility with this one.

i would seriously need your advice on this.
got suggestions?

[ in other news - Future Roommate moves in tomorrow. i've been really apprehensive about it, mostly because i'm used to being on my own in my apartment, but i'm also happy because i'm gaining a good friend. i can't wait for the move to be done so we can talk it out and move on to getting to know each other as roommates. ]

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