June 24, 2005

i'm taking a shower and going to bed now.

tomorrow is the day we install the Bell ExpressVu dish and finally get some much-needed tv back in here!! i've been off tv for the past week. this will not only be a good thing to have back in the apartment ...but it's also ExpressVu, goddammit!!! satellite tv! i'm excited. this will be my first time owning one of these. we got it incredibly cheap as part of a package deal through the roommate's father. he says it's got 'everything'. i trust him but i just wanna make sure i've got my essential channels. can't wait to see...! :D it's exciting.

6:57 PM

4 hours later and freaking have Bell ExpressVu installed and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo! and -yes- i do have all four major american networks - woo! i was a bit scared i wouldn't. i don't have MuchMusic, though (i do have Vibe). i have about 5 different versions for each network, which is cool for repeats, different shows, or just local news from elsewhere. i'll have to learn how to hook it up so i can tape with my VCR while the roommate can watch another channel. i believe it can be done quite easily; i'll just have to set it up. so that's it. 4 hours outside hanging on a ladder, drilling holes in bricks, trying to figure out where the hole would come out inside the living room. we lost the roommate's girlfriend at one point as she went to sleep it off :) the living room was a mess. i'll tidy it up some more tonight. it is finally done :)

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