June 16, 2005

Yves Pelletier, 2004

the english title is LOVE AND MAGNETS. it's a bit less poetic and makes it sound more pedestrian than it really is (the french title is The Magnets but is also a smart play on the word Lovers). the film is about Julie (wonderfully naively played by Isabelle Blais), a quiet girl coming back into her sister's world only to stumble onto synchronicity and attraction. the script by Yves Pelletier is so deftly written that the synchronicity aspect of the story never feel forced or faked. there's a nice organic flow to it all. i should mention that Yves Pelletier was in a comedy troupe years ago and is known as a loose wild child of comedy. he's also traveled the world for the past decade because of his interest in other cultures. this film easily falls into the latter category- being open to the world -rather than childish comedy he's mostly known for. the film, stacked with some of the most well-known quebec actors, isn't always up-to-par with the screenplay and directing, though. some of the performances sometimes feel like good sitcom acting (although, the film is not necessarily a comedy. i'd rather put it in the light drama category) but it doesn't take anything away from the wonderful feeling of the whole piece. definitely worth a rental for you romantics out there.

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