June 12, 2005

Doug Liman, 2005

too bad the trailer showed us everything that would unravel in this film. but the ride is a fun one, thanks to Brad, Angelina, and Doug's playful natures, but i kept thinking, during the entire first act, how cool it would've been not knowing where it was going. and it seems the film was constructed as though we didn't know either. it looked like they were playing around with the idea that maybe they were cheating on one another up to a certain extent. but, all of that aside, the film ends up being a wild ride anchored by the lighthearted approach of the director and its two leads. it felt like it was the Doug, Brad, and Angelina show all the way. and i loved it for it. Brad and Angelina, although full blown stars, have never been Hollywood to me. they both have an independent and wild spirit (let's not forget the Johnny Suede, True Romance, Kalifornia, and Twelve Monkeys. Brad Pitt is an actor first before being trotted out in front of the press) that they both brought full on to this project. it would've been a miserable failure otherwise. they effortlessly liven up the sometimes predictable script with grace and charming flair. (btw, this could be the quintessential Brad Pitt performance for what we know of him -- batshit crazy, debonair, comedic, and down-to-earth.) (am i the only one who quickly got bored of the 'sex' scenes - especially the last one? it was either the predictability, a non-existent heat in the scenes, or the fact that the two most perfectly beautiful people in the world were trying to get it on.) the film, although not an action film, does contain some brilliant action scenes (although, at some point and only for a few seconds, it did look like an orgy of 'cool' shots) and the glee with which the violence is done was tremendously effective. Doug Liman manages to maintain the focus of the film on marriage, and rightly so. i kept expecting it to be about a 'bad guy' in the end, but it never took that route. instead, it alwasy came back down to the Smiths relationship (btw, nice William Fichtner cameo. i recognized his voice in the first few seconds. wow, imdb doesn't even list him. i guess he was uncredited). so, this is a lighthearted film dealing with marriage, guns, beautiful people, and a great cheerful sense of humor. glad they didn't miss the boat with this amazing team-up. a very fun time was had.

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