June 22, 2005

okay. i'm putting it out there for possible tech geeks who might be reading this. i have a problem. i switched to my roommate's high speed internet this weekend but i kept an account opened with my dialup service because i wanted to keep the email address i've had for 8 years (too many useful friends, services, and stores have that address in their file). but emails i now send through that account bounce back. i suspect it has something to do with the SMTP server at my dialup service and connecting with an outside source. (btw, i do receive emails fine, it's the outgoing mail that bounces back.) i sent an email to the dialup service this morning but i'm hoping some of you can have a quicker answer. huge thanks :)

11:31 AM

forget it. they answered me and, lo and behold, they were right and i didn't need 5 hours of wrangling to correct the matter. it was done in a matter of minutes. yay! thanks for reading this now pointless entry, though :) have a good day.

1:24 PM

okay. second problem -- my roommate's computer screen is being affected my a magnetic field, which is possibly coming from inside the wall behind it. is there a cheap way to counter this? if not we'll switch his desk to another wall but we wanted to know before starting on that.

3:43 PM

hey, ho. slow day today. lots of mix'n'match updates, as you can see.
i just came back from running (iPod+sunshine+no humidity=heaven). earlier, the ex-roommate came over for lunch. her first time back since the new roommate moved in and it's not her apartment anymore (although, i do feel she's still part of it, even with the new roommate). i don't think it felt as strange as she thought it would. oh, saturday we're gona take advantage of my mom's pool. her boyfriend and her are leaving for a two-week vacation. yay. even though i have no money left (payday's tonight at midnight), this afternoon i went out and got some groceries, and these:

FOO FIGHTERS - In Your Honor

Billy's album was a no-brainer but the Foo's wasn't an obvious one. but i've liked the first single from the start, i love me some Dave drumming, and i very much liked what i heard from the second/acoustic disc so i got it.

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