June 06, 2005

there you go -- 20th Century Fox empowering Brett Ratner to shit in our collective mouths with X-Men 3.

of course the Canadian Walk of Fame is both a good idea (by promoting Canadian culture within our own country and unearthing some cool talents outside of the obvious choices) and a shitty one (copying the tired Hollywood Walk of Fame where you buy your way in?). but i must say that my heart warmed up when i saw Kiefer at the ceremony last night :) (Daniel Lanois is one of the inductees this year!!! whoa. i haven't seen him in the promos. very cool.) ah, the ceremony airs tonight on CTV.

in other Kiefer news, our man has a recording studio, Ironworks, and has been collecting Gibson guitars for over 20 years! my favorite acoustic guitar, and the one that's gonna make my collection someday (along with Duke Erikson's red Gretsch), is still Billy Corgan's black Gibson.

Mos Def to perform with Garbage at AmsterJam in New York August 20. hopefully this is recorded à-la Jay-Z/shitty Linkin Park. btw, how fucking cute is Shirley in this pic? :)

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