June 29, 2005

yay. after a month and a half, and a few emails, i finally received my Mercury Rev prize pack today!

In a Funny Way (uk single)
THE SECRET MIGRATION (uk limited edition book/cd)
Across yer Ocean (uk single)

and on top of that, the sky has actually clouded up and the weather feels close to nice today! yeah!

i just heard keys dropping to the floor in the apartment. i thought, could my keys have dropped from the counter just by the force of the fan? i went to check it out only to find the roommate's girlfriend standing in the kitchen! my heart did a hellish 180 in my chest. lol. i wasn't ready to see someone there. she said she even yelled out jmy name when she got in. never heard that. we got three fans working in here :) so that's it. there are some mighty impressive adventures going on today, folks.

Amazon.ca is having a sale to celebrate Canada Day. far as i can see, there's nothing really interesting, though, but you can take a look for yourselves. mymusic is also having one - although more properly geared towards canadian artists.

apparently, the first Franz Ferdinand album wasn't called Franz Ferdinand after all. i actually feel this is a brilliant way to go.

oh shit -- Canada legalizes same-sex marriage. double-yay for being sane about this and actually, finally, voting it into the Charter of Rights. (and a big, smiling, fuck-you to you, Mr. Harper.)

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