July 24, 2005

another beautiful day. sunday, this one. woke up really late because i was on the computer really late last night.

the ex and i did go to Ikea yesterday afternoon. it was fun going there again. since it's out in Montreal i don't go nearly as much as i'd want to. we were going for the ex but was gonna take a look around. i remembered that i wanted to buy a floor lamp for my room. after much looking for the one i had in mind (which they sadly don't have anymore) i got the next best thing - a $65 lamp. i set it up as soon as we got back and i love it. perks up my room and i've already got ideas about new stuff up to make it even better.

we weren't able to get back in time to catch The Island, though. so ended up coming back to my place to rest, watch Big Brother (LOVED IT. although, this particular episode wasn't nearly as well edited as the Big Fight one was. it didn't put across how paranoid and egomaniacal everyone is now in that house. but tuesday's episode should clear all of that up as the big chunk happened after the Nomination Ceremony. and hopefully Kaysar doesn't get too big an ego about it when his week's over). then we went and caught the 10 pm showing of The Island (i still stand 100% by my review). and that was it.

then i came home and enjoyed my favorite activity this time of year -- reading up on the Big Brother Live Feeds :) you wouldn't understand :)

i just came back from a short run, then walked around the neighborhood for the next 45 minutes because the sun felt nice and my Podcasts were fun (PreRelease and TheCommute)

oh, i missed this but another single was released off Martha Wainwright's album; why the fuss? it includes got my personal favorite -- New York, New York, New York -- which was on her Factory cd-r (self-released back in 2001). no idea if it's the same version but methinks it's been rerecorded. holy hell, i'm in heaven :)
ps. she didn't play it at our show, though. boo.

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