July 29, 2005

Future Shop.ca gets a facelift. not sure how i feel about it, though. a bit too cold and metal-y. we'll see if they add some stock to go with this re-launch.

Insound has a 25% Off Summer Sale going on 'till September 9 -- new customers-only, though. sucks for you but it's cool for me :) i'll see what i can gather in the next couple of weeks. okay. here's my problem - i'm using Mozilla and it seems that, although i keep adding cd's, the cart remains empty. is this a known problem? i just upgraded to the newest version of the browser and i still get the problem. IE works fine with the site but i don't know safe the browser is. any tips or comments?

wow. that was quick - the english prints of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have already left town. fuck! (there's no fucking way i'm going to see Stealth.)

i've been rather busy/not-busy this week. it's strange. as always, i've been working every evening, and my days have been good (i've been able to catch a couple of movies during the day, thanks to the cool, rainy weather; follow my Big Brother cast; play with the iPod - a lot; and get a few runs in when the weather was nice enough), but the week still feels a bit unfulfilled for some reason. maybe it was the cloudy weather. the weekend will do me good. only one small workday left and we're done! enjoy your last workday :)

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