July 20, 2005

hey, long time no speak. i've been working and trying to stay cool under this oppressive weather of ours. but today, even though it's about 31C with humidity, it's actually quite nice out. i even stopped the AC and opened all the windows of the apartment. there's a nice breeze going. finally.

BB6 -- Eric the Midget's little rage-induced Napoleonic outburst saturday night. CBS actually did a great job, i thought, with this episode. we weren't sure if they'd even acknowledge it, but as hours and days passed, it was obvious they couldn't let it fly by. but i'm extremely pleased they made it the point of the show with the awesome, tense buildup to it all. and it was chilling to hear the producers(?), Skippy(?) intervene over the speaker system like that. i was impressed with the episode. and they didn't, i don't think, sugarcoat Eric's responsibility in it. although, the ending did make it look like he was sorry. and he probably was. but as the schizophrenic he is, he did spend the entire next couple of days talking Michael down and not taking as much responsibility for his actions as the show made it look. Michael's officially a walking dead man. too bad. 'cause, aside from the perverted part of him (yes, you are, Michael), i started to really like him as a player. hopefully he'll raise some hell before going tomorrow night and out some of these nitwits. wouldn't that be fun? here's hoping that Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie raise a goddamn team to be reckoned with.

oh, and you didn't get to hear Ivette's comment about how Kaysar can't respect women because he's Muslim. that's where her comment was going before they cut it off. oh, she's lovely. (she even called him a camel rider (not to his face, though. i would assume :) and the British comment? lo-vely. she's on a hate-roll.) i hadn't realized Kaysar had actually stood up to her like that, though. go, Kaysar!! he was fuming. he's definitely my favorite player.

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