July 21, 2005

late posting but i just had to profess my serious BB6 love for Howie tonight. i'm reading the feed recaps and they're simply splendid. here's hoping Kaysar, Howie, and Janelle pull this thing off tomorrow night. ::hope hope::
have a good night.

10:58 AM

i'm up! i need to go to the grocery store, then come back to do some laundry.
i also recently made a few online purchases, which should start coming in pretty soon. i'll let you know what they are as they come in. i'm pretty excited about them too :)

can somebody please tell where the fuck in rural Quebec The Arcade Fire bought their church? i can't find any info on it. it would be cool if it was around these parts.

12:54 PM

got back from the grocery store, swung by the mailbox just in case the mailman dropped by early ... and i had two packages waiting for me!!! [ and already only two to go! ] i was hoping they'd get here before the week was out but in no way was i actually expecting them to get here today.

GARBAGE - RUN BABY RUN (Australian single)

and these two dvd's which shipped yester-fuckin-day [ Machiaveldvd rules! ]:

BATTLE ROYALE (Tartan, NTSC 5.1 Version)
OLD BOY (EDKO, Region 3 -- yes, after some tweaking, i finally have proof that my player can play any region! :)

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