July 25, 2005

this morning i woke around 7-8 with the silliest of dizzy spells. it was like i'd just drank and went straight to bed. you know that feeling when you can't close your eyes because you're gonna get sick? well, that feeling woke me up. urgh. not fun. the dizziness came back later this morning so i decided to play it safe and call in sick to work. eating well and taking it easy was gonna be the order of the day. i'm feeling better now, thankfully.

ah..... the final order (4 of 4) of my recent online splurge came in today:

doves - lost sides (limited edition, 2cd)
Röyksopp - The Understanding (Deluxe Edition, 2cd)

i've been eyeing that doves comp for a while now. Action Records had it and i was saving it as my next purchase for more than a few months. the Röyksopp packaging looks good.

the ex is busy tonight but she might put aside a couple of hours so we can catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory around 7 tonight. she'll let me know later on.

four Canadian dates have been added to the Garbage tour (hopefully they make it back to Montreal by this fall). presale for fan club members is tomorrow, and the dates are:

8/25/2005 Burton Cummings Theatre - Winnipeg, MB
8/27/2005 MacEwan Hall - Calgary, AB
8/28/2005 Red's Entertainment Complex - Edmonton, AB
8/30/2005 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC

tomorrow's BB will have all the delusional grandeur that spanned the most beautiful stretch of days so far this summer. hopefully the editors will be able to show Eric, April, Yvette, and Maggie in all their paranoid glory. these past few days haven't been good for the cooped up losers. (but, of course - they don't care. ha!)

okay. i've had this for a couple of days but it's just too cute not to post. get your computer screen cleaned by a professional.

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