August 08, 2005

ah, yes!! Howie and the gang are finally righting the semi-wrong that was the James-Sarah nomination by putting up Ivette now that James is off the block. i would've preferred Maggie but this is my 2nd choice. but they should've thought about this a few days ago and told James he and Sarah were both pawns, to win the veto (which James did), and put up one of the Sith and oust him/her thursday. that way, their relationship with James and Sarah wouldn't have been fucked up like it is now. but i do agree that James is gonna come back with the good guys (especially if they kick out Ivette *and* Kaysar comes back). will he forgive them? dunno. and it depends if he wins HOH thursday. that would be dicey. but the good team saved themselves this week and are taking out a huge blabbermouth threat in Ivette.

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