August 29, 2005

Vincent Gallo, 2003

i found this to be quite an affecting little movie. the obvious has been talked about to death (glanced over, actually--there was nothing in-depth about its bastardized coverage) so i won't even mention it other than to state the obvious--that its focus did a huge disservice to the film. so, those looking for some tittilation, look elsewhere. you will not find it here. what Vincent Gallo did, though, is create something quite beautiful and lyrical. told mainly in a dreamlike state, the film tells the story (or rather, shows us--as the narrative is quite loose) of Bud, a bike racer, driving his way to California. we don't know much about the man or his story but even if his motives are not obvious to him, we soon start discovering a deep longing in him--he's searching for something intangible. there's an ethereal quality about the way the movie is shot and about Gallo's delicately subdued performance. it sets a spare, reflective mood (which the film deftly maintains throughout the picture). it felt like a gentle, silent, and tender work trying to work out emotional issues, and i really responded to it. i fully appreciate and admire Gallo's work here (which started with Buffalo 66) and i hope the debacle that followed the film's agonizing release will not stop him from pursuing the kind of modest and humble artistic expression of this caliber. this is a solid and personal film.

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