August 23, 2005

HELLSYEAH! James lets the Jedi in on his realization -- if they win HOH this week (Jedi+James -- implied, not forced), they can then pick off the Sith one by one for the rest of the game regardless of whether the Sith win HOH each week or not because they would easily win the veto each time for the Sith are weak competitors and they'd be forced to put up one of their own after each vetoed Jedi. he has a great point. and his move to the Jedi has been slowly building up over the past couple of weeks. he's been alone since Sarah left and has been doing some serious thinking, game-wise -- a week and a half of Rachel trying to bring him to their side, another week of him renewing talks with the good guys, and slowly slipping away from the Sith, my man James has decided to align himself with the Jedi!! and it lookss genuine this time. he seems more relaxed and at ease with the Jedi. (i've seen his BS, this is not his BS.) woohoo!! James, my man, you are one brilliant motherfucker. nice to see you see the truth :)
it's gonna be exciting, folks.

in more personal matters--back in July, the ex-ex asked me if i would go up to Quebec City to see her one weekend. we haven't seen each other in, i think, a year or two (we have a hard time figuring that one out), since she moved out there. the electricity between the two of us was always palpable. we called it dangerous :) the chemistry was good and stayed that way even after we stopped going out together. then she moved and we kept in touch by emails or with sporadic phone calls. this summer i wrote her that i saw two girls in two days that reminded me of her. she called me up soon after that and got the great idea of having me go up for a weekend. we were both ecstatic. she had a boyfriend but he was in South America and they had an agreement that they were 'free' this summer. but then he called her up and she got serious so i never went up to visit her. then last week i get a call from her asking me if i'd want to see her within the next two months since she'd suddenly found herself in-between two jobs. my work partner has two weeks off in September. i thought, fuck, why not ask her if she could come down for those two weeks? (two birds with one stone -- seeing the ex-ex and not having to work with various idiots at work :) that was sunday. we gave each other a day or two to free up our respective agendas and voila! she's coming down for about 10 days at the end of September!! :) it's finally happening for real! yay. i'm a bit nervous about it. she is too. it's not as romantic (for me) as a getaway to Quebec City but i do believe we'll manage :) i just locked those two weeks in as vacation at work :) nice.

Criterion is once again trumped by a parent company - this time new-papa Image Entertainment, which released information on three November titles (which will probably be the entire slate since all three titles have been anxiously-awaited by Criterion fans for one long-ass time and each comes as a huge, packed double-disc edition):

RAN Akira Kurosawa, 1985 (2 discs)
THE TALES OF HOFFMANN Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1951 (2 discs)
UGETSU Kenji Mizoguchi, 1953 (2 discs)

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