August 29, 2005

hold off on buying the Roseanne set tomorrow!!! go back a day--tomorrow looked like a loaded new releases day for me. Kanye, Death Cab (for $9.99 at Future Shop--i say a begrudging thank you to Warner for this), and Roseanne - The Complete First Season. but--the Roseanne set contains the edited syndicated episodes! not the original broadcast ones (as is the practice with syndicated shows, 2 to 3 minutes are cut from each episode to make room for more commercials). i'd suffered a blow because, even though i've been used to the syndicated versions, of course i wanna be able to watch the original episodes. i couldn't find an email for Carsey-Werner but if you care about this issue, and the show, please drop Anchor Bay a nice email to let them know we want the full episodes next time. so tomorrow looks like it will only be Kanye and Death Cab for me. but i don't mind--i'll gladly wait for the full original broadcasts (which i'm assuming should come in less than a year from now if they're already working on getting the rights to them).

ps. Season Two confirmed for later this year. maybe they have time to get the broadcasts for that one.

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