August 21, 2005

how's your day going? mine actually went by slower than i thought. but that's a good thing. at one point it felt like it was end of the afternoon/4:30-ish, but i was surprised to find out it was only, like, 2:30. not bad for a day where i got up around noon-ish. so i, of course, went immediately online to check up on my torrents. of course they won't go as fast as i'd like them to (they're doing well but i'd love to hit a constant 150+ :) so today's been a lazy day. but in a good way. as i was saying, i tweaked my torrents, read the BB feed recaps (they're on fish now - they're doing the Veto Competition; btw, check out this amusing little Janey movie a recapper did to pass the time), and i was able to listen to the sleepy sunday show on the old iPod while lounging on the porch as the sun was shining brightly :) the sky cleared up like that after a short shower. it was beautiful. right now the roommate and his gf are at the movies. should come back soon. dunno if i'll have the apartment to myself later on, after they've eaten the chicken he's cooking (it smells delicious in here :) add playing around with the guitar and that's been my day so far. i was expecting the ex to come back sooner from her weekend getaway so we could catch The 40-Year-Old Virgin but she hasn't given me any sign of life yet. a relaxed evening wouldn't do me any harm either.

7:28 PM

hopefully they don't rehash too much and do follow up with their plan to evict Rachel. if i've gotta lose one Jedi, i don't mind as much if it's her (plus, she's already mentioned several times how she's ready to go to sequester). Howie and Janelle? i wanna keep them (Janelle being my fav Jedi). hopefully James goes to the Jedi this week.

11:55 PM

Radiohead are still alive.

1:26 AM (Monday)

i'm (finally) going to bed. if all goes well, none of my torrents will be slowing down too much tonight and i'll have 2 out of my 3 done when i wake up :) but, BB fans, i'm leaving you with this nice catch by Maggie. sweet dreams, all. ps. talked to the ex-ex tonight, following up on our emails from last week. planning something for next month. maybe. it would be sweet. 'night.

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