August 02, 2005

i wasn't gonna post this morning (i really have nothing to share, it seems - other than we're trying to plan a surprise brunch for the ex this weekend; and i'm planning on taking her to Montreal for the rest of the day if i can) but two posts by fellow bloggers caught my eye and i had to share.

Brittany Murphy to, yes, stink up Sin City 2 like she did with Part 1. goddammit. hopefully, though, they bring Marv back. i can't remember if he's in any other story but Frank Miller was supposed to write additional stories for the film(s).

ooh!! hopefully BB heard the fan-love and have picked the right time to start bringing back one of the evicted houseguests - and just when Kaysar gets booted. please make it so he comes back! so far he's been the best player in BB history. it looks the evicted hammies have been put in sequester even though the jury sequester hasn't started yet. something's definitely fishy. summer of secrets, indeed. Julie mentioned it wasn't over yet :)

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