August 07, 2005

i've been kind of busy this past week. the week before, a former coworker asked me if we could do something for the ex's birthday, which was gonna be the next thursday. she said we could do a surprise dinner or something. so we secretly started working on that through the week and got about 15 people in for a lunch for saturday. i told the ex i would take her to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday and then go rollerblading, which she's been asking me to do for a while now. she was happy about that. the lunch was a success and she never even doubted it would be more than just me and her. she was shocked and surprised. mute, even :) then i had another surprise lined up for her. i was gonna take her to Montreal to catch a film and go to a restaurant. we took off. i didn't tell her where we were going. as we were gonna get on the highway i told to check out the film schedules in the paper i had lying in the backseat. i told her to pick a film :) she was excited. i was happy. we had some time to kill before the first film (planned to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then Last Days because we wanted to see both films but cut our plan short after Charlie because i was starting to get tired and i was nursing a slight headache. we'd also stopped at Chapters so the ex could use the bathroom and i felt like hanging out in there for a bit. plus, it was already late and we had a bit of a drive left before getting home). so yeah. back to my story. we had about an hour-and-a-half to kill before the first film. it was her birthday so i let her decide where she wanted to go. she'd lived three years in Montreal so she knew the place. she said, Mount Royal. i thought she meant the mountain but no, she meant the street where all the used record stores are. cool! so we walked a bit, then arrived at the stores. we browsed about three of them. man, are they cool. of course Montreal a big city so the selection is amazing and you do find gems in each one. i came out with

The Beta Band - The Beta Band

i could've found more but was really happy with those and we were getting hungry and tired of browsing around in the crammed stores. so off we went to the Paramount for Charlie and ate downstairs in the food court. it was delicious (got some japanese noodles with pork). when i used to go to Montreal, i went with the ex-roommate. and she's a different kind of girl than the ex. she can be more easily annoyed and reluctant. so it was more of a burden with her and we followed our plans; which wasn't bad. i always got to go to HMV and stuff. but it was less flexible. with the ex - i didn't even tell her where we were going even though i'd mentioned i had something planned that would take the rest of the fucking day -- and she didn't even ask where we were going! and she said i didn't say where and she liked surprises anyway. lol. what a breath of fresh air. i knew this about her, and that's one of the things i loved from her. that was the most amazing, and fun, thing about the day. and when i asked her if she minded we didn't go see Last Days because i was getting tired and wanted to check out books? no problem. wow. so we spent a good hour at Chapters. me browsing the store from top to bottom and her calling her good friend who lives in Montreal. after much deliberating and figuring out that Amazon had much better prices (to my chagrin because it feels great to actually buy books in a real bookstore), i came out with

Yann Martel - Life of Pi
Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary

that's it. that was my little birthday surprise/gift for the ex. hope you had a great day too :)

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