August 27, 2005

late-night blogging.

Sean Astin has joined the cast of 24 ! i'm consciously avoiding all the news surrounding the show (although that's not really a full-time job yet because it's the off-season) because i wanna know as little as possible come January 2006. but this is just great news. i've noticed they've been filling up the new cast with great names this year. i feel this one could be the one to bring back the show to Season Two level.

came home from work. (work week is over--yay!) the roommate and his girlfriend are sleeping here tonight -and are already in bed- so i can't do much. but i think they're gonna spend most of the weekend at her place when not working, though. i went out jogging at 2:10 AM :) and it actually felt great. missed a day because of the heat so this was perfect. the night sky was brilliant. now i'm going to bed :)

9:36 AM

shit. here you go if you want more detailed 24 casting and returning character news. since i've mostly been in the dark about the new season, most of these were spoilers for me. you are warned. i must say, though, that i'm really happy about all of them :) but i am hoping they're able to make them relevant to the new season. in their weakest moments, the writers and producers can lose sight of the story and go for the convenient at times. but, as i said before, this one feels like they're ready to go back on track (but i'm just hoping for a national defense threat-free season at one point. wouldn't that be cool? just a Jack drama series. the national security isn't what makes this show. it actually hinders it sometimes and makes the series highly redundant. come on. do it. and this would have been the perfect time too, with Jack being Jack-less, trying to find himself).

12:06 PM

i forgot to mention this little gem this morning. the roommate confirmed to me that he and his girlfriend are spending the night at her place tonight :) i also got him to let me know when he's gonna sleep over at her apartment in the future :) see, i've been downloading non-stop for the past week or so, but i recently (twice) came home to a disconnected router cable. the line was clogged up because of my downloads and it was a hassle for him to go online at the same time and wait for connections to be made every time. i knew it but i didn't understand how annoying and a pain in the ass that could be. also, i didn't think he was gaming during the week since his girlfriend was here. but i guess he does--and he definitely has a right to. so yesterday i stopped my downloads when i went to work so he could use it in the evening. that's gonna be my new download schedule from now on. i let him know this this morning (we don't see each other much during the week) and he told me i could download on evenings he was sleeping over at his girlfriend's place. but i informed him that i never know when that is. he said he could leave me a note when he knows :) nice, uh? that way (whenever that happens because i don't expect him to leave me a note every single time), when i'm feeling like getting out of work early, i'll know when i can cut my shift short to come home and rest easy that i'll have the place to myself (it's annoying to come home from a rough day and not being able to do anything because your roommate is sleeping in the next room). that actually puts a nice cap on an otherwise aggravating week for me, roommate-wise (i'd been running on no-sleep the week before, though, so i'm really not faulting him for that :)

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