August 17, 2005

late posting. random stuff. my mom actually asked me if i wanted to call in sick tonight because it's her birthday and my uncle/aunt/two cousins were in town and wanted to take her out to dinner :) so yeah, i called in sick and we had fun. ate splendidly (got leftovers, as usual at that restaurant), and brought them all back to my apartment so they could finally see it. i get to see my aunt and uncle about once a year so it was cool having them down here. plus, i got to spend a good chunk of the after-dinner chatting movies and hockey with my cousin. and she's a girl. she got a few cool points from me :)

i sooo want that Deluxe Edition of Sin City :) Robert Rodriguez is a genius.

on a semi-related note - Frank Miller's 300 is getting made into a film (although, by Dawn of the Dead's Zack Snyder - why??) with Gerard Butler ...filming starts October 17 in Montreal :P ooh -- the film might be shot entirely in the Montreal studios (Mel's? probably). the imdb also lists Sienna Miller as part of the project. i've only seen her in Alfie and i was, at best, mildly indifferent about her in that film. but, since this is as close to royalty/God/(Jude) as i'll get, all's fine and dandy. rock on. WHAT?? Darren Aronofsky's (who strangely looks like Pi's Sean Gullette in this pic) The Fountain was shooting in Montreal?? with Cliff Curtis??? fuck.

i'm playing around with torrents. again. the stuff is addicting. but i am getting the hang of it (after some incredibly late nights, that is). i should watch a movie (The Station Agent?) but it's also starting to get late (i'd be coming in now if i'd worked tonight :) we'll see what happens. feverishly reading my BB recaps today.

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