August 16, 2005

more BB rambling because, hell, if you thought BB was fun before, think again - now's the fun part!! :D

"You're going to crumble, Busto! You're going to hear my big mouth echoing in that empty head of yours, Busto! You're going to hear me in your sleep."

Howie talking to April's face :P
he's on a fucking tear, people! last night's shit died down when they all went to bed. happy to see the Howie Storm is just getting revved up!! he's just unloading and unloading, giving you nugget after nugget of hilarious revenge! and the funniest thing is the timing couldn't have been more perfect - they're on outside lockdown :P April can't escape his wrath. amazing.

if you haven't been reading the feed recaps, you have been missing on the most exhilarating fun BB has ever been.

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