August 25, 2005

not much going on today. only two work days left to the week, though, so that's cause enough to celebrate a little bit :) still obsessed with BB and my torrents. i'm finally feeling like i'm getting some control over the latter now. it's not a wild dog anymore. i'm getting to understand more. it's mucho smoother now.

TV Guide Online has a short interview with Big Brother 6's BJenn. here's a winner:

What do you plan to do after the show?
[snip] Hopefully I'll be planning a wedding soon, but that's up to Dan. [snip]

seriously. delusional much? i'm sure Dan is just fucking enamored with you right now.
hey--you'll be lucky enough if he even wants to talk to you after he dumps your sorry ass.
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2:20 AM (Friday)

Gervais's doing it right.

holy shit--it's officially friday so it means new movie releases. let's see what we got:

Broken Flowers Jim Jarmusch, 2005 (english with french subs -- english, for fuck's sake!! yay!)
The 40 Year-Old Virgin Judd Apatow, 2005
C.R.A.Z.Y. Jean-Marc Vallée, 2005 (this has been in theaters all summer long but there seems to be a decent amount of buzz gathering for it in english North America)

there's also Boudu, from Gérard Jugnot, with Gérard Depardieu. Criterion just released the Jean Renoir version. that's it. i just thought it was interesting that we got this one since i hadn't heard much about it since seeing an on-set interview with Depardieu in early 2005. then there's the thorny matter of The Brothers Grimm. Gilliam's recent lashing out against the Weinsteins over their taking control of the picture definitely turned me off to the film. Gilliam is in my top-five favorite directors of all-time. all-time. he's a genius. but i don't wanna pay for something that's not his and has been fucked with by the Weinsteins (what the fuck do they know? re-editing asian films they've acquired for North American release? that's immoral at best. give me a break). anyway. but the fact that it's playing here in english is at least making me open to suggestions, so now i'm at least gonna hear out my favorite reviewers on the film. so, in this batch of (semi-)new films, i'd say the first 3 are definitely interesting to my eyes. the summer has not been good to me/us, movie-wise. if only temporarily, though, this weekend is at least reviving my faith in great filmmaking.

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