August 04, 2005

oh god. i've never seen this side of Kaysar, but in this pic they fucking own you. and i was immediately brought to the realization that i'm gonna really fucking miss him starting tonight.......... (King Kaysar, indeed - especially in this pic.) check out the rest of last week's (ie. happier times/pre-Maggie Havoc) HOH snapshots. check out tonight's show for Kaysar's eviction -and- Big Brother's new secret that will send shockwaves through the house. hopefully the twist leaves it open for Kaysar to come back in. they can't lose the best player they've had for years. they really can't (can they?). as for other hamsters - how can you not fucking LOVE Howie? seriously :) btw, there's something really fucked up about James' face and it's bugged me from Day One. even when he smiles it looks weird. and i know why -- his mouth smiles but his face remains numb. at all fucking times! Sarah had the same thing but since they came out as a couple she's been all smiles all the time. but not James. he remains emotionless. (and the 'Sarah is an idiot' comments and controlling what she can and can't eat really don't help softening this image.) i know it's a game but i haven't seen a hint of life in the guy's eyes. it's as if he's already had work done on his cheeks and eyes and his face is frozen solid. it's freaky. he looks dead.

Ricky Gervais' Simpsons episode finally revealed !
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