August 11, 2005

okay. so i'm asking the techies out there in blogland. i'm converting AVI files to DVD VOB files. i use WinAVI and it works beautifully. the output file works great in Windows Media Player. but then i burn it onto a DVD (with DVDShrink) so i can watch it on my tv ... and the picture is stretched out into a sort of full frame version of itself. i just burned a second disc (different avi file), with Nero this time, and got the same result. what's going on? am i missing something here? i'm still looking into it but it doesn't look like a common problem. (btw, i've had no problem with Shrink before this. but it also doesn't look like WinAVI is the problem because the output file plays fine on my comp.)

Posted by Sam | 1:07 PM |