August 11, 2005

the past couple of days have been fun but tiring. i spent tuesday afternoon in my mom's pool. they're coming back from a short vacation today. i went back for the last time yesterday morning with the ex. she was shy about asking me if she could come because she didn't want to be deceived by a no. weird. she's weird. but it was fun. we played around in the pool and it filled in for no doing laps. i felt exhausted, burnt out, afterwards. and i'm working on 6-7 hours of sleep max for the past few days now. i wasn't feeling amazing yesterday at work. oh, and yesterday i also got my partial insound order (5 out of 6), which i used the new customer 25% off on last week.

wolf parade - wolf parade ep
SUFJAN STEVENS - ILLINOIS - limited first printing (yep -- the Superman cover :)
Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

they also threw in a bunch of nice surprises along with it (bands baseball cards and their Pushing Product Volume 5 disc -which i didn't even know i met the requirements- with loads of great bands on it).

tonight is when we'll see if Kaysar comes back in the house. hope!hope! it would be really sweet.

oh, and for the first time, i've been heavily into torrents for the past couple of days. and to my utter satisfaction, i might add.

interesting (stupid) finds from The Movie Blog today:
Da Vinci Code Changes for Church and Terry Gilliam Pissed Over The Brothers Grimm. i didn't know his own cinematographer (and boy do Gilliam movies look great) was sacked by the Weinsteins. i'm gonna think twice about seeing the film in theaters. as for Da Vince Code - i was planning on reading the book soon anyway. Tom Hanks in a Ron Howard film? bah. can you say bland?

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