August 22, 2005

starting early today. i just wanted to mention that last night i fell asleep listening to a Notes From The Underground podcast and they had a nice long interview with John Vanderslice running the show. talked about setting up and running his indie analog studio in SF for the past eight years.

Jenn sucks. she sure does.
can't wait for her to find the website. is there a way to see her bubble burst on national tv? please? thank you. are they gonna admit fans to the Season Finale? it would be nice to have her booed, is all i'm saying :)

Bruce Campbell - still funny.

after feeling good about leaving (won't say who so as to not spoil the fun) and some rehashing these past couple of days, it seems the BB people finally caught on and decided to investigate the claims of the wronged Jedi (no, not Kaysar). something's definitely a-brewin' in the house. they were supposed to be having the Veto Ceremony this afternoon (right?) but something else is going on right now behind the little fishies. developing... nope. nothing wrong here. RIP Vetogate. ah well, it's better this way, i say. (i hope. ::stares at James intensely:: i hope you're on our side, Jedi.)

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