August 15, 2005

the Veto Ceremony is in about an hour. hopefully Rachel is thinking about not using it. that would be so cool! she's not feeling well in the Big Brother house. Howie is the one who wanted to play. hopefully James was able to get to Jenny about Rachel being the big bad mastermind behind the Jedi (whether he actually believed it or not; he's either incredibly stupid, or simply brilliant and selfless by somehow wanting to save King Kaysar). the Sith are seriously leaning towards nominating our King if/when Rachel does veto herself off. stupid lil' SluttyJenny (when she's out, ask her about those guys in Texas. she'll love that). last night she was absolutely horrible. hopefully tomorrow's show shows us just how much of a power-hungry whore Jenn really is. nasty, cruel, and hideous. it was an appalling display of greed over humanity. (it was bad. trust me.)

HAHA! the sleeping hamsters (minus Rachel and Ivette who were already up for a while now) were woken up by Stupid Girl !!! now Jenn realizes it was for her and is PISSED OFF! HA! loving this. (take that, bitch.)

4:02 PM

let the flood gates of hell open.

4:31 AM, the next morning.

OOH! Tim is on to something! BB Producers - you can do this!!!
[ ooh, and Tim -- the gates have opened wide. to our Jedi-lovin' pleasure :]

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