August 05, 2005

VOTE FOR KAYSAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please, please, please do this for me. thank you. and vote often :)

our prayers have been answered!!! Big Brother is letting one of the evicted houseguests back into the house next thursday! and Kaysar was the one evicted last night!! woohoo!! i was actually happy to see him go because it will be that more of a shock for Team Evil to see that a) he was America's Choice b) over Eric and c) he's coming back with a vengence :D can be super sweet sometimes.

oh shit! i almost forgot -- HOWIE won HOH !!! that is my favorite houseguest and Janelle would've been the only other player whom i would've been more excited about winning. go Howie!!!!! there couldn't have been a sweeter episode. perfect. just perfect. ps. the HOH comp was splendid, brilliant, and ruthless. Ivette was an ass kicking James off, though :P there you go, stupid people! pps. i agree with Rachel - they need to keep James on. how stupid are they to fall for the weak plan they tried to feed Maggie last week? come on. keep him on and make him feel safe. boot him out later. Kaysar's coming back anyway. wow. James must not be feeling well right now - either Kaysar or Eric is coming back next week. lol :P

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