August 20, 2005

wow. we knew Jennifer was out. and that was fun, watching the cheerleader fake-smiling her way around every other minute. but boy was this disheartening. all this work to be wasted like that. it wasn't frustrating, because none of the big Siths got HOH, but it was still sad because we'll most likely be one player down by next thursday (and they are only three left). the new HOH is Beau, btw. DimBeau. guh. hopefully James sees the competition narrowing, along with his chances of being found out, and finds a way to get rid of Maggie (or April). doubtful, but it's our only chance at an extra week. (but he is mighty close to Ivette...)

12:35 AM (Sunday)

boy, that didn't take long. i'm actually quite ecstatic James is going this way - not that he has much of a choice but it's nice to see James almost out of hiding to play the game. he's actually impressed me this past week by how smooth he was. he let the teams fight each other off and pushed a few small buttons when it was needed. it's nice seeing him hitting bigger ones again, though. it doesn't seem as sleazy as before. not having Sarah around fits him quite well for the game. take them out, James. Beau actually backed the Sith up into a corner with his nominations. we're not done just yet. (who'da thought James would be the Jedi's glimmer of hope? actually, i did. i always saw him as an Anakin - turning to the dark side, but with the Jedi being strong in him :)

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