September 22, 2005

as always when i plan on doing stuff that's a little out of the ordinary for myself, i'm feeling a bit lazy today and would love nothing more than to just relax and sit on my ass all day. lol. but i do need to get myself up and go get the paint and primer i need for my car today because if i don't do it now, i'll never do it. speaking of which, check out my Friendster Horoscope [ gotta sign in ] for today:
You're feeling less born to be wild and more born to be mild. You're not sick -- you simply need a change of pace is all. Respect your body and your mind and give them what they're asking for -- a day off -- and don't force yourself into going at a breakneck pace simply because it's what you think you should be doing. After all, like any kind of high-performance equipment, you need lots of maintenance and care in order to keep running.
and you know what? i'd actually taken today off! :D
horoscopes rock.

my day just got better. Twitch posts about Besson's smaller Angel-A film he secretly shot over the summer with Jamel Debbouze. i've been a fan of his for a few years now and i can't wait to see him in a Besson film. not that he needs the attention (he's a star in France) but hopefully this will get even more people to notice his talent. and if you understand french, please check out Jamel's site. the intro alone is worth it :) love him.

5:24 PM

well, i actually did go out and get the paint and primers for my car :) happy about that. the sky was clouding up, though, this afternoon (rain tonight) so i didn't chance it and will do the actual work some other, more perfect day. i wanna do this right.

this is fascinating. i'm learning to work with DVD Rebuilder. i've been using DVDShrink since forever, and it's been an amazing friend, but i read about Rebuilder being a greater alternative for quality and i just had to look it up. i knew it was more complicated than Shrink (i'd recently tried one of these processes where you need several different programs to make one dvd but dropped it after a while) but today i seem to be in a different state of mind. and a day off is the perfect day to do this kind of thing :)

enjoy your evenings.
i shall watch a dvd in the comfort of my living room -- whether the roommate and his girlfriend are here or at her place, that is. he's here right now but i have a feeling she'll call him up soon enough and they'll go to her place. have fun! :)

one last thing. the perfect couple, Brad and Angelina [ scroll halfway down ], cool people that they are, go to the West Edmonton Mall. CTV apparently has footage of it but their site doesn't wanna show it to me. hopefully you'll have better luck. ah, goldenfiddle comes through with better pictures.

11:00 PM

well, it's late already and i'm nowhere near watching a movie right now. been on the phone and working with DVD Rebuilder most of the evening. the roommate did go to his girlfriend's, though, so i'll probably end up watching a movie nonetheless.

i've never watched more than a minute or two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while channel surfing, but fans of the show have one hell of a cover to look forward to when The Chosen Collection (the complete series box set containing 40 discs!!!) comes out November 15th.

psst: the Sin City Extended Edition comes out December 13th.

oh yeah. 24 will now premiere a week later than expected - Jan 15-16 2006.

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