September 11, 2005

couldn't let this go by--tonight's feeds are some of the most heartwarming, end-of-the-game talks. i'm actually warming up to April real fast now!! read if you're a BB fan. this is incredible.

7:02 PM

wow. i'm exhausted. woke up a good hour earlier than expected. the ex-roommate was gonna call me up to get ready to go pick some apples today with her boyfriend and a friend of hers. not only was i barely awake when i met up with them, but the new girl wasn't all that fun to begin with. she and the ex-roommate went into snide remarks and being condescending behind the families' backs at the orchard. poor, snobby taste. i hated. but the apples looked good, the sun was out but it wasn't hot and we each got baked apple pies. yum. but now i have a headache to go along with my exhaustion. the roommate and his girlfriend are spending the evening here (but they were due after 3 days at her place) so tv or dvd's are out of the question for me (they're watching Star Académie. yeah...). i think i'll use the opportunity to go lie down for a bit and listen to my iPod. btw, the ex left yesterday for her 3-week trip through Europe. i knew i'd miss her but it kinda hit me a bit harder than expected last night as i was going to bed. i'm gonna be okay but i was just surprised with how much she meant to my daily life. that's it :)

the Fall TV Season is finally upon us with the first (and probably only) Great Season Premieres Night!! too bad Arrested Development is being pushed back to next week to make room for the premiere of The War at Home. (btw, stop fucking with us, Fox. that show ain't gonna play anyway. put it on monday night at 9:30 and get it over with already) but no hard feelings 'cause Fox drew us one amazing lineup for tonight:

8:00 The Simpsons
9:00 Family Guy
9:30 American Dad!

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