September 28, 2005

did you catch Viggo Mortensen on The Daily Show last night?
he was unexpectedly quietly absurd. but there's one thing he mentioned at the end of the interview that was just one of the sweetest things ever. check it out. (and Stephen Colbert?? cute and touching.)

ohmyfrickingod!!! DeLay Is Indicted and Forced to Step Down as Majority Leader !!!
wow. mark this date down, boys and girls. this is surprising, to say the fucking least.
tonight's Daily Show, after the initial shock, should be fun :)
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Melissa Auf der Maur will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Montreal's famed [ hip/chic/whorish/run-down/abandoned ] rue St-Laurent this weekend. (hey, i might will be in Montreal to pick up my brother saturday. [not downtown, though. about 15 minutes away, which is just too far for me to feel the excitement of the celebration. at least i'll be nearby. hey, aren't the cool bands also in town for the Montreal Pop?? oh. shit. yeah. ---what?? Nas will be there???? fuck. friday night, for those interested.])

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