September 06, 2005

FUCK!! there's a new Thomas Harris book coming out about Hannibal ?? i was reading this article about a Young Hannibal movie that's gonna start filming soon and couldn't believe they'd do this (well, after what Ratner did to Red Dragon i wasn't that surprised with what they could come up with next to splurge on the series). but then i saw Anthony Hopkins would provide narration. i was like, wtf? dude's desperate for some money (ditto my thoughts on him doing Ratner's Red Dragon, btw). but no, Thomas Harris has apparently finished another Lecter book and it's coming out November 29th (ah, okay. he's actually not rushing it that much [although i would like to see him writing about something other than Lecter now] that would seem about right since Red Dragon came out in '99). but the title? Behind the Mask. just ...urgh.

why the fuck do i need a password to get onto Roger Avary's site now?

Barbara Bush can't keep her mouth shut. (see last paragraph for a great mind at work.)
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Snakes on a Plane. no need to say more :) let todd from run with it for you.

the new season of Family Guy is already upon us!!! starts this sunday. tune in or you're an ass.

bits of Kaysar's shoot on The Young & the Restless. (how fucking hot does he look right there, uh? fuck.)

Criterion makes it official by getting one last November title in and announcing the first December set. Criterion fans, start drooling:

PICKPOCKET Robert Bresson, 1959
SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER! François Truffaut, 1960 (2 discs)

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