September 27, 2005

good morning. see that time stamp? yep. i was up at 8:30. early enough for me to miss the roommate leaving by only 45 minutes but still witness the lights he'd left on in the kitchen again (::shakes head:: i swear he'll never learn).

i see that they are a bunch of great new releases coming up: today -- Ryan Adams, Blackalicious, Elbow, and Wolf Parade (why doesn't Future Shop carry them?). well, i might might swing by Archambault today. i haven't been there in ages because FS always has better prices, but today's releases have prices on them.

and next week? it only gets worse: Fiona Apple, Broken Social Scene (2cd Limited Edition available at FS), Franz Ferdinand, the north american releases of The Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike (with two bonus tracks) and The (International) Noise Conspiracy's Armed Love, new Ladytron and Metric, Trina's album finally get released!, and a new Twista! (with help from Scott Storch, Kanye, Timbaland, and The Neptunes, for christ's sake) (for some weird reason, the two rap albums are very expensive on even though they're released on major labels. [psst - Archambault has both Twista's and Trina's albums for $12.99 each -- fuck you, Amazon.]).

aw. i love me some Eric Bana.
great pics of him on the set of Munich, Spielberg's 1972 Olympics terrorist attack flick (i'll say it here because everyone always fails to mention that the film co-stars the wonderful and talented Marie-Josée Croze).

6:47 PM

well, this afternoon it was too beautiful a day not to go outside so i went running. decided to change my route again so i cut through the walking paths in the woods nearby. it was nice. a bit more cross-country than i'm used to but fun. (the air is fresher in the woods than on the streets right beside it.)

i also ran some errands and got me the following:

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights (no mention of it anywhere on the FS website but the store had it for $12.99)
ELBOW - LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD (advertised at $11.99 on the site; nowhere to be found at the store ...until i found the only copy in the E section. i was giddy since i'd also forgotten -and was frustratingly trying to figure out- what that second album i wanted was :)

9:34 PM

Nate, you are the man!
definitely King Geek for a Day - but sooo worth it.

this one is also from FAZED (just discovering this site. btw, can you tell i have nothing better to do than check out video sites?):
Coyote. try not to shit your pants. here's a followup.

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