September 08, 2005

gotta run to get some groceries. but first:

there's a new film festival in town and it's called the New Montreal FilmFest! i've never heard a thing about it until i saw an article on Twitch this morning. i even thought they were talking about the doomed Montreal Film Festival and even did a semi-lenghty write-up about it. why the (semi) excitement this morning? well, the new festival was able to snatch the world premiere of Tony Scott's troubled Domino to close the festival. not a huge film, i don't think, but definitely a big catch for the festival. congratulations to festival pro Alain Simard (Montreal Jazz Fest and the Francofolies), Moritz de Hadeln and their team (which look like a great mix of Montreal cultural sponsors and real artists [ Robert Lepage! ]). this festival looks like a great alternative to the ill-fated Montreal Film Fest. goddamn--Claude Lelouch is heading the Jury. these guys are good. here's the Complete Listing [pdf file].

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