September 21, 2005

hi :) i came back from work early tonight. the roommate and his girlfriend were sleeping here and the night was nice so i went out jogging for a while. i even tried a different route. it felt great. and it's truly amazing to run at night. i decided the time would be perfect to break Coral Egan's My Favorite Distraction. it's a great record to run under the moonlight to. bass-y jazz that Coral keeps playful, interesting, and light, but an unabashed sadness weaves in and out of each song, making her work fascinating and personal (this is not mor, radio-friendly jazz). this is a definite artist--intriguing and down-to-earth.

Tarantino opens up some more about his next two films [ Grindhouse, with Robert Rodriguez, and Inglorious Bastards ].
and, in the same article, some Fletch hope i hadn't put together (thank you, Kevin Smith).

arrested Development was outstanding! i hadn't realized how much i'd missed them. soooo happy they're back. (how come they're the only ones doing this kind of smart and funny tv?) they didn't miss a fucking beat.

and, if i remember correctly-- Happy Birthday, mr. King, Stephen.

9:56 PM

well, shit. just jared just got too good not to post about this morning. Interview magazine has an Incredible! lineup for Oct '05. the mag sports one of the most inept and ugliest covers ever, but thank god the content is riveting.

Anne Hathaway by Angelina Jolie
Zhang Ziyi by Natalie Portman
Jon Bon Jovi by Jay-Z
Kanye West by Fiona Apple

[ You don't understand. I hold you higher than Lauryn Hill in my eyes. ]

10:52 AM

RICKY GERVAIS will be on The Daily Show tonight!!! i cannot wait to see him on the show. hilarity should ensue, i promise you that. great, great news. (is he gonna pimp his Simpsons episode? ah, no. it is scheduled to air in February 2006.)

2:50 PM

Maggie wins Big Brother 6. oh well. (btw, i was rooting for Ivette but, girl, being yourself is not reason enough to ask people for $500,000. this is a game where you have to compete.)
but--i can't wait to get a Big Brother All-Stars!!! (Kaysar, Janelle, and James have their names written on that shortlist.) damn i didn't think i'd get so emotional seeing all the Jedis together again :D (did you see James leap to hug Kaysar???) bring it on, bitches. give me the rumoured Michael and Kaysar Amazing Race if you're not doing the all-stars next year. in the meantime, i'm definitely gonna miss my little Jedis...

1:45 AM (Thursday)

i got tomorrow, thursday, off, bitches! and i'm gonna spend the afternoon (hopefully) polishing the rust off my car (it's started showing in some spots and it's getting ugly) and repainting it. i got some great pointers from a lot people. very much appreciated as this is a first for me. but tomorrow is gonna be a great day.

the flames of BB6 are dying down quickly. but a check on 6togo's website reveals some great stuff -- Howie, Rachel, Sarah, and James interview with (no idea either), a fucking harsh interview with Maggie courtesy of RealityTVTalk, and a Kaysar chat transcript with BB fan JokersUpdates.

KAYSAR_BB6 : The only other reality TV shows I will convider doing are Amazing Race or the BB Allstars
Jokerette : so you were approached for all stars?
KAYSAR_BB6 : All I can say is that someone very high of the corperate ladder at CBS has asked me already

so the rumours were founded?? it makes very happy that CBS is already considering the BB All Stars. maybe next year after all? hopefully. (once again - Janelle, James, and Kaysar. thanks :)

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