September 30, 2005

i am so thankful to have gotten Bell ExpressVu this summer (thank you, roommate). one of the benefits, or the greatest benefit, has been stumbling across fascinating new artists via MuchVibe. most of them independent canadian artists. not that i was doubting it but we've got exceptionally solid talent up here! thank you, MuchVibe, for bringing me all this crazy new talent and being more than proud about our heritage.

for starters:

Reign, who's Guilty Party had me floored. his album's coming out next year.
Classified, man. his Maritimes anthem had me glued to the screen everytime it ran.
War Party. of course. it's an obvious choice but it's still brilliant rap.

Pharrell has a solo album coming out November 11 ???!
shit. hopefully Chad is there too. i mean, don't get me wrong, i like Pharrell, but hopefully this isn't the work of a greedy suit or agent.

this is it. my brother supposedly left for the airport this morning to come visit us for 10 days :) he's been living in Whistler and now Banff for the past, oh, 5-6 years now. my mother went and visited him once with her boyfriend but my brother's the one who comes always down. not as much as we'd like to, about every 18 months, but it's expensive so not complaints there. but yeah, so he's visiting!!! it seems as though the last time was maybe even two years ago. i forget. anyway. but this time, we've been planning it behind our mother's back :) she has absolutely no idea he's coming over. i'm gonna go pick him up in Montreal tomorrow (he's spending tonight at a friend's house) and we'll go straight to my mom's. she may have a seizure. will let you all know :) ta!

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