September 03, 2005

i haven't followed the media much these past few weeks. i get glimpses here and there, and read all about the major events, but i'm not up-to-date on this stuff. i'm not gonna say much about Hurricane Katrina because it's been hashed and rehashed, and mostly because words can rarely do justice to a catastrophe of this magnitude. i've only just recently begun hearing about the utter desolation and despair of the people of New Orleans. i wanted to look it up this weekend to be able to understand the depth of the tragedy. i found the following piece a few minutes ago on Cupie Spew--well before my search ever started--and it sent chills down my spine. and as simple as that, i got it.

and frankly, the level of apathy exhibited by this administration is beyond disgusting. it is horrible, inhuman -- and heartless.

and while we're on the subject -- Kanye takes his head out of his media-loving ass long enough to impress the fuck outta me.

9:44 PM

oh, bitch--the media is back on the people's side! with a vengeance. (and it feels gooooood.)
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