September 17, 2005

i'm disappointed about BB. Ivette has redeemed herself (a bit) in my eyes over the last couple of weeks. she is playing with her heart. but i was extremely sad to see Janelle leave last night. she was the best player in that house (with James and Kaysar). and now we're left with two Siths. i want Ivette to win it. and she definitely has a shot because she's been winning a lot lately (with some help from Maggie) and her family really needs it. Maggie--she's a hateful bitch who can't pull off being humble. she looked fake during the entire show last night. hateful bitch. and she hasn't shown too much leadership during the last month. she's just been sitting on her fat ass and trying to get in between her followers and any hamster who would wanna talk to them. she wasn't even a good cult leader these past few weeks. so i'm not so sure anymore about her winning the whole thing. i want Ivette to win. and i don't feel it's the lesser of two evils this year (à-la-Jun and Alison).

HOLY SHIT. the Harman/Kardon (DD EX6.1, but more importantly DTS ES6.1) receiver i've had my eye on for the past two years, that has never come down from its $699 price tag, not even when everything else in the store was on sale, is now $499 this week!!! fuck. what do i do? holy shit. my ass has also been fantasizing about a widescreen tv as my next big purchase. what do i do? do i go for this instead? argh. will see this week. this is great news.

oh shit--Future Shop has 24/36-month no interest financing. i forgot about that. that's almost nothing on $500. anyone can tell me anything they know about this plan? i know it's an easy plan but any details or experience would be helpful (like, can i pay it up before the lease is over, etc). i'm gonna swing by the store on my way to the ex-roommate's in a few minutes to pick up the flyer and read the fine print. i'm seriously considering buying the harman/kardon tomorrow :) let me know.

12:41 AM (Sunday)

whew. just got home from a long day. it was really nice, but long. i got a huge throbbing headache now :) i spent the day at the ex-roommate's. this afternoon we ran some errands, watched last night's BB (loved Sarah's homemade t-shirt), and cooked a lot of food. we waited and waited for her boyfriend to get home from work. at 8 he finally did and we ate, talked, did dishes, and watched Ong-bak (it's definitely reveals its tediousness more on second viewing and the fights do lose a lot of their initial impacts; but i was glad to see it in Thai this time). all in all, it was a great day well spent. i enjoyed it tremendously.

the roommate had his surprise birthday party but only one of his friend is here now (they're watching Final Fantasy VII, which the roommate watched this week :) obviously, he loved it).

oh, i'm almost 100% sold on the harman/kardon AVR 135. first off--look at that bad boy. i mean, come on. second--DTS. and it's a harman/kardon. not to be neglected are the numerous optical inputs. see, my Denon only has one optical input, and the DVD player's got that one. but my father's 15 year old Denon CD player, which is built like a tank and delivers crystal clear audio (like they don't make them anymore), has an optical output, but i was never able to use it. now, with this receiver, i'll be able to hear my cd's in their true digital format. i'll give you an update tomorrow but it's in the serious stage now. but i won't be using the Future Shop financing. even though it would've been very helpful because i'd be living on a tight budget for the next week-and-a-half if i paid in cash, it seemed like a hassle to get accepted (if i read it right i have to get a FS credit card). but on my way home tonight i figured out a way--pay most of the $575 in cash (leaving myself some money to live with), put the rest on my credit card and pay that off with my next pay in two weeks. i hate going to my already loaded credit card but i'll be putting a very small amount on it (which i can really pay off in two weeks). problem (almost perfectly) solved :) talk to you tomorrow.

have a good night :)

1:11 AM (Sunday)

huge correction: i just did my budget for the next month or so. i shuffled some bills around ...and i can actually pay it all off in cash tomorrow! wow. i'm amazed because things looked tight but i was rather easily able to change some stuff around to more convenient dates and i won't be as tight as i thought i would. now, the only hurdle against tomorrow being an amazing day will be the roommate -- if they're spending the evening here or not :) i want to be able to enjoy my system to its fullest by watching a film on my own. lol :) (wow--i'll have to be mindful of DTS tracks now.) ooh, and i forgot to mention that the DVD player i upgraded to this past spring was an harman/kardon--with the exact same sleek design :) my bookshelves will be looking good :)

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