September 16, 2005

it's friday!! finally. it felt like the week was just inching along like a fucking snail. urgh. well, here's Jon Heder reprising his roles as Napoleon Dynamite with hilarious results. oh yeah--it's vs Bill Gates :)
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is 24: The Game ready now?
i couldn't find an official site and the only release dates i could find were Fall 2005, or 1/1/2006, which i think is a fake retailer's date anyway. shit, CNET's also got the Jan 1 2006 date. we'll see soon enough if that pans out.

ooh--i almost got the Flashback edition of Dazed and Confused the other week (even though the cover looked crappy) as part of a 2/$30 sale at HMV. glad i didn't. you can put this one in the Serious Rumour folder.

Bowie/Arcade Fire gig pics.
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What If... a new CBS Reality Show. apply if you're up for it.

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